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    British Armed Forces BG Members

    I'm wondering if there are any members from the BG forums who are currently in or have recently been in the UK Armed forces. I'm just looking to get some info on:
    Lifestyle & Leisure activities within the army; things such as accomodation and other things on base and during deployment.
    Useful tips for getting past the fitness test; specifically useful training regiemes for getting into good enough shape for all the tests.
    And finally, how the Officer training at RMAS is.

    Currently starting the application process right now and have spoken in a little detail to a staffie about which avenue i'd be suited in and it's been discussed that with my current qualifications i'd be eligable for possible selection for the officer training at sandhurst, just looking to get some details about accomodation and other basic lifestyle in the army, and also do they still teach you to drive if you dont already know?.

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    The Brits have a military? I thought it was the US?

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    Nah, the US only tell their military what to do. Its a completely diferant entity.

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