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    Xbox 360 issue

    So, two days ago my old 360 gave me the "red ring of death" and I bought a new one(and also a copy of the FFXI ultimate collection since my old disk was scratched). I kept my same external hard drive, but everything else is new.

    Re-installed FFXI and whatnot, and left the console on for maybe 5 hours. Today I turned it on and I get the "this disk is unreadable" message(tried restarting a good twenty times to no avail). Disk doesn't have any scratches on it that I can see, and the xbox.com support stuff did not help in the least.

    TL;DR: My 360 be trippin' balls.

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I wasn't really sure.

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    Here, this was posted over in Advanced.

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    Salvage Bans
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    Thanks, I hadn't seen that thread. If I'm understanding correctly: I'm more or less screwed if I don't have an iPod/MP3 player? :<

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    I'm guessing all you really need to do is either track down the optional media download on the marketplace or load up some music on a flash drive that your Xbox couldn't normally play unless you have the update.

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