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    Thelyos/Synbios Application

    Thelyos: SAM75, NIN53, WAR37, DNC35, THF16, BLM14
    Access: Sky, Dynamis(all city wins)
    Other: In terms of COP, this character is still on promies. I haven't had the chance or time to get them done unfortunately but this is my main character.

    Synbios: THF/RNG/DRG75
    Acces: All
    Other: This is my alternate character. In terms of Sky and Dynamis, I would be on Thelyos but Sea and anything else need be, I would be on Synbios.

    Misc. information: Buddie has been a long time friend of mine and referred to this site to fill out the application. Hopefully you guys will accept me. I'm a very cool and chill person, he can vouch for me there. Sorry if this application isn't top notch. Has been a while since I've done one but I do look forward from hearing back from you guys.
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    You're totally accepted!

    Actually, I'm not sure where you're applying to, but you've got the wrong site for this.
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