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    PC Shutting Down After Power Flux

    So, I live in an older house with shitty wiring. The main appliances, in the front rooms, when turning on, cause the power to fluctuate. Usually when this happens, my computer will do random things, like minimize windows, type random symbols in chat boxes, or go through the triggered shutdown process.

    I bought a surge protector to fix this, but it hasn't helped, apparently. After getting it all hooked in, I was good for the week that my roommates were gone, but now they're back, and as soon as the power fluctuated, my computer shut down.

    What can I do to fix this?

    Also - don't know if it matters, but: The extension cord that I'm using to connect the surge protector to the outlet doesn't have a ground on it, but I do have an adapter on the surge protector end with a slot for the ground rod and a metal strip inside that slot.

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    A surge protector won't fix interruptions to the power supply. You want a UPS (an Uninterruptible Power Supply). It's basically a battery backup that your computer can run off for 5-15 minutes (depending on quality and your PC) until you shut down or the power returns. They're rather handy to have if you live in a location where the power likes to flicker frequently.

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