I'm looking into a nice printer for my parents Christmas present, but it's not something I've ever had to shop for before. The requirements are, in order of priority:

Must be able to print photos at "I'm gonna frame this" quality on the photo paper made for such a purpose
Must not require a lot of fiddly calibration to keep the quality high
Should print at a reasonable value (i.e. shouldn't on average cost more per print vs getting it done at a drugstore or something).

The key here is quality photographs, I don't care how nice it'll print out Google Maps or Word documents. I'm also not interested in a multipurpose machine; if all it does is printing I'll be more confident it's good at the one job it was designed to do. Will any printer do this job or are they still manufacturing specialty printers made to simplify calibration for photographic printing? Any models to recommend/avoid?