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    [Bahamut] Junsun >> [Asura] Waffles

    names on other servers: Junsun (Bahamut) and Waffles (Asura).

    jobs: BLM75 WHM75 BRD72 (plus a retired WAR75)

    Some of the shells I was in on Bahamut include JuponGatana/Reflect, Knights, and JenovaLifeForce (this shell died out a looong time ago). During my stay in Asura, I joined Paradigm and left after a couple of months due to personal issues with the Linkshell (I can elaborate in PMs if you'd like).

    Any info would be appreciated!

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    Waffles is a very helpfull person, i had the chance to play with him in paradigm on asura.
    His rl got in the way of his play time so he kind of backed off from any srs ffxi time, im glad to know he is able to play again, he is a very good asset to anyshell.

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    This guy was a douche bag, caused drama with people just to get a kick out of it. Lies about people he does and doesn't know. He is as skilled as a dead fish, worthless.

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    Real flaky.

    I believe his final words on our forums after being a douche and acting, what we considered out of character, were "Yea, that's how I really am".

    So apparently being "Himself" isn't the norm unless he thinks he no longer has anything to gain by being nice to your face.

    I can't say anything about his skill, he never gained my notice which is a good sign that at least he's not incompetent, but he has some self admitted emotional and psychological issues that without a doubt affect his temperament player<->player interactions.

    Will, or should, that keep him out of your linkshell or any other linkshell?

    I wont say, people grow and change all the time.

    I presume like any other linkshell you have some sort of trial process, or process through which incompatible members are removed, my suggestion would be that you use that process, nothing you're likely to hear in this thread would deter most people from giving a player a chance.

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