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    Using a sidekick in Canada

    So my sister has been looking into getting an unlocked sidekick to use here in Canada, and I've been trying to talk her out of it because I read nothing but bad things about it. Yet everything I tell her just fly's right over her head and she still insists on spending $170 on a four year old phone. But there's one thing I know would keep her from getting it, texting.

    So I'm asking whether or not anyone knows if you can text on an unlocked sidekick with a Canadian SIM card? I've been reading around and some people say yes, while others say no. Also, any other pros/cons to getting a sidekick would be nice too, thanks.

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    doubt it sorry

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    You can text on an unlocked phone.

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    I'm curious, will an unlocked phone work with any provider that makes use of a SIM card, or can they tell when you're using a phone they never provided?

    I just don't know anyone that own has an unlocked phone here, so I can't tell if it's lack of interest (perhaps they enjoy getting buttfucked with the horrid phone prices up here) or because the companies are strict against it.
    (I know Telus and Bell are picky about it. Hell, my phone still uses friggen CDMA)

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    It will work with any provider that uses GSM simcards. My friends used their sidekick with at&t before. Its just not being on t-mobile you are no longer on the danger network so all the other features of the phone will not work.

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