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    Beastmaster Solo Kiting Method?

    I have BST75, but I admittedly don't use it for much of anything anymore. I just got Skadi's Jambeaux the other day, and it got me thinking about if it'd help BST with some sort of kiting methods for soloing NMs. For example, CORs can solo quite a few things with QD kiting, so I was wondering if there was a method BST could use to do the same thing.

    I was thinking a BST could use Charm on the NM a bunch of times for hate while kiting around your typical kiting object. Then with a good amount of hate, use Call Beast and have the pet Fight the NM. Let the pet keep on whacking away till it pulls hate and dies, then repeat the process. Does this sound feasible, or am I off my rocker? Of course, I'm not forgetting that all JAs will have to be blinked by gear swaps.

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    Haven't BSTs been doing this for years with local pets as well, or am I missing something? <_<

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    Depending on what you're trying to kill, you can just sub BLM and bio things to death with movement speed on any job >_>

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    I believe PUP mobs can catch up and keep hitting a kited mob. Prolly the same for bst?

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    Bsts do have the option to do this, but don't use it mostly.
    If a place has lots of natural pets, we'll just throw pets at it until it dies.

    Siravarde is often the jugpet used if this charm bind kite tactic is employed with non caster mobs otherwise other standard jug pets are used. The most important thing though is to make sure charm is blinked, movement speed or not.

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    I kind of used this in normal xping as BST/DNC.

    Step 1) Quickstep -> Desperate Flourish
    Step 2) Rampage -> Runrunrun -> Animated Flourish if you want (not recommended really)

    The monster already has Desperate Flourish (Gravity) on it so you don't even need movement speed and your pet just keeps beating on it while you run away. Obviously you do less damage than if you'd just stayed there and tanked it, but it can be pretty useful for times when you start the fight with TP or the monster has a nasty TP move (like funguars). I think people generally underestimate the usefulness of animated flourish. In my experience it sticks about as long as Gravity on anything you can land it on and the Evasion down is pretty nice. ...and hoooly crap is it nice for pet swaps.

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    Tbh it's the same method you would normally do, but now it's just a bit more safe.

    It seems youre a bit worried about losing claim though. While charm does add a bit of enmity (1/5th of voke), youll still easily lose claim to someone who wants it badly.

    Since thats the case, I really wouldnt worry about trying to keep hate, as thats not a good thing for BST, even though you have mov+, it's still something that wont work out to well.

    I know youre thinking that when mobs chases you, theyre able to keep up and attack you, but in a lot of instances, a charmed pet cant keep up with a mob and it wont attack it, leaving you running around with hate, and your pet not attacking.

    Your best bet is to just do it normally. Charm pet, sic it on mob, wait till its near death, release, charm new pet, repeat. Just now since you have mov+, its a bit more safe.

    Try playing around with Elder Gobb. / Aquar. since their usually up, and if you cant kill them, youll be sol on anything else.

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