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    this one.



    ok, im very open minded about movies. i can sit through an hour or so of nonsense and be ok with it as long as it leads to a point one way or another.

    this movie had none of that. i felt like i watched a reality tv show/soap opera that was supposed to be a mini series on MTV or Lifetime and shrunk 10 episodes down to 2 hours. The movie had senseless time skips with some unanswered questions/terrible writing/one of the most predictable stories EVER, even though i was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt in hoping the storyline would change. it didnt.

    the movie wasn't ALL bad though. the acting was pretty good. t-maq was a good actor and was very true to his part and played it good. same with Jake Gyllenhaal. they're both very convincing. Natalie portman was eh. i cant really comment on her. she pretty much had the same expressions on her face the entire movie.

    but dont waste your time on this. this was one of the few movies i didnt bootleg because i went out with some friends. but i would've rather used my 8 bucks for a 12 inch sub at subway and watch seinfeld at home. real talk. this movie sucked donkey ass. i would rather watch a fat kid pick his belly button lint than watch this garbage ass movie again.

    but thats my perspective. im not as sensitive as the next guy. anyone else see this yet?

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    my endlessly raging hardon for natalie portman aside, i'll skip this one then, thanks.

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    shit I really wanted to see this

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    Natalie Portman hasn't been hot since The Professional.

    Spoiler: show

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    I thought you were talking about Strahan and I was preparing to fight you.

    The trailer really jumped out at me; besides Precious, not too many other movies did that for me over the past few months.