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    Mid-40s gear.

    Just grinding and doing some SR, I'm not really ashamed in saying I feel like my gear is falling behind.


    My current rig. Pretty much socketed in crit all around. Ignore the crap bow since it's for random pulling or plinking if I'm weakened.

    Now, before someone jumps in and suggests SR golds or stupid expensive HQs, I've been working on the repeats for the first, crap luck on actual drops otherwise. Second, yeah, I don't rain in money despite my best efforts crafting or AHing the odd thing I do happen upon. I know my helmet's probably the weakest point in my gear, too, but perpetual shortcomings on getting an Aether Insanity group together has left me without that reward/upgrade.

    This pretty much means my best bet lies in NMs that I could either solo or possibly manage with a helper or two. Ideally, I'm not looking to give up the HP that GC set offers, so whatever should have better defense, that, and then Attack or Crit if possible while trying to maintain the same number of stone slots or more. I'm torn on Xenophon's spear actually being an upgrade for my weapon, but that's also a quest I've been waiting on some others to catch up for.

    If there's a quest or two I might be unaware of, then throw it my way, too. There's a spy quest for a crit earring I have, just a matter of grabbing a couple others. Beyond that, there's probably something I'm overlooking somewhere.

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    Ignore the SR gear, honestly the repeats aren't worth it. Get to 50 as quick as you can because certain sets of gear endgame renders almost every set in the game useless when compared. Miragent's is questable and it'll take care of 3 pieces at the very least before you get to the harder parts.

    At 50 you should also try to get into a guild that kills world bosses for decent chances at getting quick epic lootz. Do calydon repeats to earn quick cash at 47 or save up the platinum coins/angel eyes to get a really nice atk speed g.sword. When your rich enough, take your chances at finishing the rest of miragents and then start working on abyss gear by doing fort instances/dredgion's daily. This all gets more convenient and easier when your at 50 though.

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    I've done 2 of the plat coin repeats, but annoyingly the mobs aren't what I'd call gladiator friendly (scorpions and shell thingies that spawn minions). Plus I've gotta kill 57 of the fuckers, which probably takes about an hour given the random competition and running. I'd love the 2000 coin GS, but yeah... 2000 coins. Even at 18-20k a pop from the RMT bots, that's 360m minimum. I maybe make 1.5m a week playing off and on.

    I guess the lack of defense wouldn't bother me so much if my knockdowns were more reliable, but it seems like maybe every third fight I get a mob that just refuses to drop despite crits and takes takes 1/3-1/2 my HP. Hitting 45 and Draining Blow has helped keep me upright some more along with powder heals, but I just can't bring myself to chug potions when my moneymaking is already is spotty dealing with constant undercutters when crafting stuff.

    Not really looking to repeat FFXI with an anally structured endgame group, either. Yeah, that means I won't have the best, but that's not really what I'm after. Just better than I have now. Upper forts don't seem to matter much to people on Kaisenel, either.

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    The gear seems fine in my opinion. The only thing big I could see aside from expensive golds is maybe getting some level 33 crafted attack speed gloves (Expert Adamantium Gauntlets). On my server, these run for roughly 2 mil for the plate version. You only drop 8 HP and 13 defense using them, which is basically nothing.

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    Hmm, I guess a glove update was one of those things that hinged on a set since they usually offer it directly or in a bonus. Snagged a pair for 1.58m. Assuming I can sell the L52 stone I got from my old hands, that'd make it a little over 1.3m total.

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    SR and Draup are a waste of time and energy, grind up to 50 then do your Fenrir/Migrant set quests. Make sure to take up cooking as all the other expert quests are ass and will just cockblock you.

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    Sitting on Alchemy's test, so too late there.

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    Get 50 and work on Fenril's/Elyos= you can get the first 3 pieces with a little effort.

    I am in the same boat, shitty gear for the past 10+ levels but as long as your weapon is up-to-date its not that bad.

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    I don't really get people saying to get to 50 for Miragent.

    The levelling up is supposed to be long (no, you don't have to grind non stop 10 hours a day while hoping for NCsoft to double the exp to make it even faster) and if you actually take the time to have good gear all the time, you'll enjoy the game for even longer

    I really don't see any reason to rush to 50, get Miragent and then complain all day about the lack of content

    As for your question, I'm level 44 myself and I try to make as many SR runs as possible for the pirate sets, it works fine so far