As the title suggests, I'm looking to get rid of these as I know they are rare and I no longer need them since I play exclusively on PC now and no longer own a PS2.

These are the discs/cases only, the keys are not included. All discs are in excellent condition and the cases/inserts/books are in very good condition. FFXI/PoL will NOT come with the book as it is just added weight and contains my own codes, which I would rather not lose. These discs were purchased from, so NA discs, if that even matters.

I'd like to get rid of em all for $40 but if i have to break them up I wouldn't mind for $15/each. I'm from Canada though, so I'm gonna set a bulk shipping price at $10 for all, and $5/piece since I have no clue how much it'll be, probably more, and I'm probably gonna take a loss, but whatever lol.

I'll accept paypal, and can give you a button if you need. If interested PM me or reply here with any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer ^^