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    Internet speed problems

    So my roommate recently "upgraded" our internet service (we share), but it seems to be slower. I'm not too terribly computer savvy, but I would still like to know what's going on.

    Aside from MMOs, most of my internet use is in video streaming and P2P downloading via torrents. Previously, my downloading speeds capped out at ~515 kB/s, but now I can't seem to get above ~90 kB/s.

    I've run several speed tests and they all come back about the same reporting ~730 kb/s. At first, I was extremely confused because, at a glance, that looks faster than my previous speeds. After some Wiki-fu, I realized that the speed tests were returning a value in bits whereas I'm used to reading my speed in bytes (~730 kb/s translates to roughly 91 kB/s).

    In addition to the speed tests, I ran a couple tests to see if my ISP is throttling bittorrents, but they came back negative. I guess my real question is: Is our ISP purposely ripping us off by taking advantage of the confusion often associated between bytes and bits, or is it more likely to be some honest mistake or complication with our connection?

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    Moving to tech...

    Did you disconnect every computer from your router, then try running a speed test again? It seems more likely that your roommate or someone else is running torrents or something, and that's what's slowing you down. Make sure your wireless is secured, too!

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    Thanks for moving. Forgot about Tech section.

    Anyway, Roommate called up and bitched as I was walking out the door to work, and now speed is about 10X what it was. Good enough for me. Guess it was on their end after all.

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