Yes i know media player for windows has a streaming ability but it sucks like 50% of my CPU if i have it open and streaming where as other things like Tversity and PS3 media server sucks little to non. Also doesn't help that i tried to get the old media player 11 on my win 7 system and it failed and ever sense then i haven't been able to get windows media player back. They don't let you download media player 12 or have a fix after surfing Google and Microsoft forums (Shit ton of people are having this problem, not being able to get their media player back after something went wrong).

My question: Is there a media server like PS3 media server for the xbox besides Tversity that doesn't suck balls? Tversity will sometimes say its working but won't stream shit. And PS3 media server is the best media server i have used, if they had one like that for xbox i would cream.

Nvm: PS3 media server now supports xbox