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    Low settings, bad lag

    I've been having some pretty bad lag/low FPS when running on lower than default settings. I've tried adjusting them various ways, yet nothing seems to really help. I scored a 2500ish on the benchmark (nothing special) but should run the game ok I'd hope, right...?

    Settings I'm running:

    1280x720 windowed
    No AA
    Shadows/texture quality/filtering set at low
    Buffer size is set to 'resolution', and I'm pretty sure that's what is causing the problem, except if I set it any lower the game looks like such absolute crap there's really no reason to play.

    Windows 7 64-bit
    AMD Phenom II X4 925
    4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz
    ATI Radeon HD 5600 Series

    So what can I do to make it not like like NES graphics and not have horrific fps? Are there just some other settings I need to tweak? Something I need to upgrade? I really know very little about this stuff, so any help is greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Ran the 'deep optimize' setting on my defragger, cleaned up a good 15000 files and now it runs pretty nicely. Not the best graphics in the world, but pretty good by my standards. If anyone has any advice on better graphics cards (~$150-200) please share.

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    If you're getting low FPS in town, that's probably "normal." The game is currently CPU bound in town, so the only surefire way to increase town FPS is to overclock/get a faster processor. But if you're also getting FPS issues in the field then it's probably more GPU related. In my opinion a GTX 460 is probably the best price/performance you can get atm. The 768MB ver will run lower than $200, the 1GB version closer to it. I can't say if the 1GB version will be a significant upgrade from the 768 MB version as far as FFXIV is concerned, however I'd lean toward it being a minimal difference. Here's a comparison between the two for other games. You can make the call if the price difference is worth it or not.

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    Didn't know that about town, but it seems to just lag in general with the controls, especially in menus. Is this just a common problem with the game being new and all?

    I found out that the really bad FPS and such was just due to it needing a defrag (used Deep Optimize setting for IObit smart defrag, cleaned up 15k+ files) and it ran a lot smoother after that.

    As for overclocking, if I try to use the Catalyst Control Center that ATI provides, my PC pretty much instantly crashes even just from unlocking the function before making any changes, forcing me to restore it. So that's a no go for now.

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    Overall lag in game is just your computer, the menu lag however is something everyone is experiencing. I run the game at max settings with no lag and the menu's still take some time to load so its not just you.

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