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  1. V is coming

    A moment of silence for the poor IGN soul who, surely as a mistake, uploaded the Metal Gear Solid V video earlier than usual, which led it to being leaked and published everywhere on the 'net revealing the surprise early: The Phantom Pain is releasing September 1st.

    Kojima has said in the video (or will say, if you didn't manage to watch the leaked thing) that with TPP he's finally "closing the loop" on the Metal Gear Solid saga. Does this mean that at some ...
  2. Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 13.1 – Two Point Five One

    Quote Originally Posted by LimitBreakRadio View Post

    Here it is Limit Break Radio listeners, the first part of what may be Limit Break Radio’s most epic episode to date! On today’s show Limit Break Radio officially announces and unveils their Patreon fundraising campaign, the LBR memorabilia auction and community advertising program. Limit Break Radio fans can now support their favorite FFXIV podcast directly, get some cool exclusive gifts and help shape
  3. BG Stats for February 2015

    Some of February RIT


    Updated 2015-03-01 at 03:56 by Ragns

  4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Review

    After 2011’s release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS, players naturally had one question -- when would the Nintendo 64 sequel, Majora’s Mask, receive similar treatment? After all, in gaming, where remastered versions of our favorite games have long become the (disappointing) norm, the updated release of Ocarina of Time is generally regarded as an example of a remake done right. ...
  5. Music Friday: Gold Saucer

    Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

    Eorzea is deserted. Cities look like ghost towns and somewhere (in some timeline) the Elder Primal Bahamut is not destroying the world because he's too busy scratching his head wondering why no one is attempting to stop him. Yes, folks, the Manderville Gold Saucer (GS) has been unleashed upon the realm and adventurers ...
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