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  1. BG Newsletter #2

    Our second week of this newsletter and I am very excited to bring you guys the latest news for this week! I'm going to test new ideas slowly and see how they go over with everyone. If I don't think that people are enjoying the new additions I'll swap them with new ones. Additionally if I feel like they are big hits of course they can stay. Don't worry. If your idea is not immediately used this ...
  2. BG Newsletter #1

    Hello BGers! This is a new weekly newsletter for your BG. So what's in store for our newsletter?

    - Getting to know a BG member.
    This person will be randomly selected based on activity. So if you're around a lot, you will be in the pool to be selected!
    - Game releases along with your favorite game news poster's opinion, 6souls.
    I can't keep up with all the ...

    Updated 2014-09-08 at 11:35 by Mina

  3. BG Stats for August 2014

  4. BG Stats for July 2014

  5. Mario Kart 8 Review

    What is the usual experience when playing a racing game -- I’m sorry, driving simulator? You start-up your brand new driving simulator, excited to drive around your favorite exotic car, only to quickly realize the driving simulator has started you with a mere pittance, forcing you to actually make the necessary money to purchase said fantasy car. You then spend the next three to six months racing ...
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