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 <<  cairthenn ffxi acc10 with head enmity-5 legs hands body mnd14 feet this drop from dex14 accuracy10 vit14 dat resist20 str16 native seven macc8 warlord int15 some agi17 stream orvail chr14 haste3 adoulin pdt-3 weapon macc6 refresh chr18 mnd18 int18 chr15 fast hmp4 enmity-4 macc5 cast stuff think require posts more even havent they talked about something gardens likely matsuifujito monstrosity thats probably play-as-a-monster discussion mining 3272013 update system isnt independent seekers said themselves been development that  >>  

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Section: FFXI

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Seekers of Adoulin and 3/27/2013 Update .DAT Findings - NO DISCUSSION
Seekers of Adoulin and 3/27/2013 Update .DAT Mining Discussion

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