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BG FAQs (66)

Are you the guys that are world first on everything?


BG started as a FFXI LS on Bahamut server in 2003. The site administrator of theorderls.com was Ondori.

Some of their members went to WoW when it came out on Azshara US in 2005-2006 then moved to Mal'Ganis. Drama happened in the WoW guild and many joined Aurara.

FFXI BG continued under Sendoh then Sonomaa. The site administrator of bluegartr.com is Ragns.


A Realm Reborn

Some of the people from WoW joined together to create OrderoftheBlueGarter (without the missing "e" which was a FFXI limitation) on Excalibur under Carraway. Their site is on guildwork at http://bluegarter.guildwork.com/. They are the group that attempts to clear things first.

Some of the people from FFXI went to Excalibur too to create Stars Align under Rocl.

The current bluegartr.com group started from scratch on Gilgamesh under Sonomaa. Named OrderoftheBlueGartr in memories to the old FFXI limitation.