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BG FAQs (66)

How do I get started with Seekers of Adoulin?

Arriving at Adoulin
1. First, go to Lower Jeuno and complete the mission The Geomagnetron. You may find Darcia within the building across the AH. After completing this mission, locate the waypoint at H-7 (A blue teleport device) and teleport to Adoulin.

2. After the cutscene, your character will arrive at Ceizak Battlegrounds at roughly I-8. To reach Adoulin, run east and stick to the left.

3. Eventually, you'll arrive at a nearby Frontier Station. Frontier Stations are fenced tents occupied by several NPCs. Before you arrive at Adoulin, make sure to enable the waypoint at this station and speak to the NPC named Elmric.

4. To the east of this Frontier Station, you'll notice a gated area with an NPC. That is Western Adoulin.

Upon Arrival
1. Run forward while locating a waypoint to the left. Unlock this waypoint and search the building near this waypoint for Brenton (NPC). Speak to Brenton for a cutscene and then speak to the NPC next to him to begin accumulating tickets towards Coalition Assignments. These assignments are similar to Campaign Ops from Wings of the Goddess. Tickets regenerate frequently and you may store a total of 15 tickets at the NPC. You may use up to three tickets per assignment. If you cancel an assignment, your tickets are returned if your current ticket supply isn't capped (15). Unlike Campaign Ops and Assault, you may have multiple Coalition Assignments activated. This creates a trick for bypassing the 15 ticket limit.
- Accept multiple assignments and use 3 tickets each; this should reduce your total number of tickets to zero
- Wait for tickets to restore and use these newly obtained tickets
- Cancel one of the assignments you accepted previously
- You should now regain the three tickets used towards the canceled assignment

2. Use this map and search for the Couriers' Coalition. Speak to Jausephiane and use the bayld from the previous cutscene to purchase every rune available. These runes enable you to teleport from Adoulin to any of the areas listed on the rune. For instance, Selbina rune will enable you to teleport directly to Selbina. You may wish to set HP somewhere within Western or Eastern Adoulin. If so, locate the Rent-A-Room and obtain any waypoints on the way there.

3. If you've arrived at the mog house, you may use the mog house to exit to Eastern Adoulin. Once you arrive at Eastern Adoulin, use the map to locate the Scouts' Coalition. Within the Scouts' Coalition, speak to Sifa Alani to obtain maps.

4. Use this page to locate remaining waypoints within Western and Eastern Adoulin.

Travel and Preparation
1. Complete these quests
2. Complete any Coalition Assignment from the Scouts', Couriers', or Inventors' coalition. At this point, you should have at least 2000 bayld.
3. Return to the Scouts' Coalition and purchase Morimar and Foret de Hennetiel maps. Outside of the Scouts' Coalition, speak to Fariska Lokhmi and ask him to mark your Ceizak Battlegrounds, Yahse Hunting Grounds, Morimar Basalt Fields, and Foret de Hennetiel map.
4. Locate the Auction House and purchase 3 Dhalmel Leather, 1 Umbril Ooze and 1 Twitherym Scale.
5. Secure some form of Sneak and Invisible and return to Ceizak Battlegrounds

*** Colonization Reives may impede progress ***

Ceizak Battlegrounds, Yahse Hunting Grounds, Moh Gates, and Morimar Basalt Fields
1. Once you arrive at Ceizak Battlegrounds, use your map (Now labeled with active Bivouacs) and activate the waypoints at each Bivouac. Bivouacs look similar to Frontier Stations.
2. After obtaining the waypoints at Ceizak, take the NE most entrance to Yahse Hunting Grounds and find waypoints there. Use this map to find a path to Moh Gates that avoids Colonization Reives and unlock as many Bivouac warps as possible.
3. Once you've arrived at Moh Gates, use this map to reach Morimar Basalt Fields. Watch for Panopts that aggro true sight.
4. Once you arrive at Morimar Basalt Fields, run towards the Frontier Station (Remember the waypoint) and speak to every NPC. One of them offers the KI quest and the other sells pickaxes you'll need to complete this quest. Continue to unlock waypoints and search or mine spots until you have completed the quest.
5. With Bivouacs and the quest completed, return to Adoulin.

Sih Gates and Foret de Hennetiel
1. Prior to attempting this, make sure you have 3 Dhalmel Leather, 1 Umbril Ooze and 1 Twitherym Scale.
2. Travel to Ceizak Battlegrounds G-11 (Bivouac #3 if you obtained this station) and zone into Sih Gates.
3. At Sih Gates, travel to H-11 and zone into Foret de Hennetiel.
4. At Foret de Hennetiel, travel to J-7 and complete this quest. As usual, obtain Bivouac warps while traveling.

For activities, read the BGWiki. This guide will support your travels. At this point, you should have optimized travel options available and key items necessary to join Colonization Reives.