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BG FAQs (66)

What's the new content in Seekers of Adoulin?

As of the May 2013 update:
1. Colonization Reives: The new campaign, but these battles actually impede territory paths.
2. Wildskeeper Reives: HNM battles that multiple players (Over 18 members) can join. Requires a key item though.
3. Skirmishes: Party members must complete objectives to obtain treasure. Players must first gather Simulacrum Segments first.
4. Delve: An alliance of players must either defeat single Notorious Monsters spawned with pop items or embark within fracture. Alliances that journey to fracture have the option to farm plasm, defeat five various NMs, and may even challenge the zone's Mega-NM.
5. Coalition Assignments: Similar to ToAU's Assault system, players must use tickets to undertake and complete assignments. Unlike the assault system, up to 15 tickets may be stored, they recharge much quicker, and you may bypass the storage system by undertaking an assignment and canceling the assignment to return your tickets.