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BG FAQs (66)

Ultima Extreme Mode

1. Complete the quest "The Ultimate Weapon." (Main Storyline Quest)
2. Initiate the quest "The Ultimate Ballad" (Mor Dhona within the new structure (X:22, Y:8), Alys)

Phase 1: Engage the enemy
Skill Set
1. Vicious Aetheroplasm: Roughly 900 damage. Additional effect: Vicious Aetheroplasm stacks
       Vicious Aetheroplasm: Five stacks = KO
       Mitigation: Make Ultima use Vicious Aetheroplasm against a different PT member
2. Vulcan Buster: AoE damage centered around Ultima. Additional effect: Knockback.
3. Mistral Song: Conal attack.
4. Eye of the storm: Damage and draw-in to any player outside of the center of the arena.
5. Geocrush: Severe AoE damage.
       Mitigation: The greater the distance from the center, the greater the damage reduction.
6. Homing Lasers: A single-target attack (Aggro lines determine which player before the action occurs).
7. Ceruleum Vent: AoE damage.
Behavior and Patterns
1. Vulcan Buster + Mistral Song
2. Homing Laser > Ceruleum Vent
3. Eye of the storm + Geocrush

Seems like he rotates (2) and (3) after.

Phase 2: The fall of Garuda
Skill Set
1. Vicious Aetheroplasm is an independent attack
2. Radiant Plume: Circles of flames that erupt
3. Weight of the land: Circles of land that erupt
4. Homing Lasers: A single-target attack (Aggro lines determine which player before the action occurs).
5. Ceruleum Vent: AoE damage.
6. Tank Purge: An AoE spell that deals roughly 2000 damage
Behavior and Patterns
1. Radiant Plume 8x around the edge of the arena
2. Weight of the Land 4x at the center of the arena (They do not overlap, so you can stand at the very center of the arena to avoid damage)
3. Radiant Plume 4x at the center of the arena (Cannot use the center trick for these)
4. Weight of the land 8x around the edge of the arena
5. Tank Purge > Homing Laser > Ceruleum Vent seems to replace Phase 1's (2) combo, but patterns (1) to (4) can interrupt this pattern

Phase 3: The fall of Titan
Skill Set
1. Eruption: Crackles within the ground that do AoE damage.
2. Radiant Plume: Flaming swirls.
3. Crimson Cyclone: Ifrit's NFL tackle
Behavior and Patterns
At the beginning of this phase, Titan exits Ultima's body.
1. Eruption against two players (Run them around the edge of the arena and the rest of the members stand at the center).
2. Four radiant plumes spawn at opposite edges of the arena (Think of the arena as a square with one plume at each corner) and Ifrit spawns with his NFL pose (Crimson Cyclone).
3. The four radiant plumes erupt, a linear set of plumes appear (A line of plumes), Ifrit uses Crimson Cyclone, and the linear set of plumes erupt.

Phase 4: The fall of Ifrit
Skill Set
1. Aetheric Boom: AoE knockback
2. Tethered Spheres: Two spheres connected via a laser. If they meet, they KO the PT. If a PT member nears the sphere, the sphere does 7k AoE DMG divided by the number of members affected by this damage. Hallowed Ground does not prevent this damage.
3. Magitek Bit summons: Adds that emit lasers. The blue light determines the path of the laser.
4. Tank Purge: Moderately high AoE damage.
5. Airship drop: Moderately high AoE damage.
Behavior and Patterns
At the beginning of this phase, Ifrit exits Ultima's body.
1. Aetheric Boom
2. Tethered Sphere
3. Magitek Bits at center of arena
4. Airship drop 4x (Simultaneously)
5. Tank Purge

Repeats 2 through 5. The number of Tethered Spheres increases while the distance between them decreases. The Magitek rotate between the center and edge of the arena.