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BG FAQs (66)


How I Shot Arrows?

See: BGWiki - How I Shot Arrows If you're really serious about this Ctrl + D or Alt + D.

How to reinstall FFXI?

See: Re-installing FFXI again; from US to EU You might also need BGWiki - Returning to Vana'diel You might also consider purchasing it when it is on sale on steam, its a one click installer that is much easier for handling the files, it can save some time.

What are the Voidwatch Procs?

See: Voidwatch Procs on BGWiki

Where are good locations for mining, logging and harvesting in Adoulin areas?

Mining: Morimar, Cirdas Caverns, Moh Gates, Sih Gates Logging: Ceivak Harvesting: Foret de Henniel, Ceivak, Sih Gates See details: Harvesting/Logging/Mining in Adoulin Areas

Is there any fishing guide?

BG Official Fishing Thread. FISHING: What you need to know (hidden gems from the fishing thread) BG Wiki - Fishing

How to make FFXI graphics look amazing

Use the information in the BGWiki Graphics Guide to access FFXI's registry. Set MIP mapping to 4 Set Screen resolution to the size of the window you wish to use Set Background resolution to 2x the Screen resolution size Set environmental animations to smooth If you're using Windower, you can enhance the game's look further by pressing F11 to manipulate ambient lighting. This will make the game darker, but will give models a more natural appearance.

How to level summoning skill

Legit and less legit (windower macros) ways are discussed here: Skilling Summoning Magic -- Easier way to do it?

How to edit mob names

Preliminary steps 1. Download POLUtilis and launch the program 2. Click "FFXI NPC Renamer" and read the disclaimer Manually editing mob names 1. Within the "Area" section, search for the zone of the mob you wish to rename 2. Select the mob you wish to rename from the list provided 3. Click "Show Chanes..." to make a list of edits appear 4. Click "Write Pending . . ." and close the application Using a premade mob rename list 1. Click "Apply Chaneset" and locate the XML file you wish to use 2. Click…

What color is Adaman Hauberk?

It is the consensus of the Japanese player base that it is an elusive color known as "ultramarine". However, we all know that it's actually purple. For further reading, see BGWIKI - Adaman Hauby or this age old debate.

How do I force a FFXI file check?

In PlayOnline, before you log in, there is Check Files button on the right hand side. If you have a corrupted or missing file, it will be repaired automatically using this. You can also use this method - by deleting a file or files yourself - to force a version update if it's on the server but the "Check Version" button has not yet appeared.

Where can I find all of FFXI update notes?

There's a summary of the version update history on the BG Wiki and the detailed history with changes and notices.

Where can I find the YarnBall plugin for the Windower?

The deprecated version that can't work with Windower 4 is in the official YarnBall thread. The lua addon BuffDuration is said to be an alternative to it.

How do I get to Aht Urhgan Whitegate?

After fulfilling the quest, The Road to Aht Urhgan, you must board a ship from Mhaura. Be sure not to board the ship to Selbina (you can ask the NPC at the dock which ship is coming). See also: BG WIKI - Aht Urhgan Mission 1

What is MIP Mapping?

MIP mapping is a setting that decreases the render quality for textures that are farther away. For more information, please see: BG WIKI - Graphics (MIP Mapping).

Where do I get started with the Spellcast plugin for Windower

To get started: Spellcast Help Thread (Link your XML using Pastebin.com for help!) To find scripts: Spellcast Shop Thread

What FFXI / POL error codes means?

POL 1160: Happens a lot when SE servers are busy. If you're trying to log in right after an update take a break and try again later. POL 5311 or POL 5312: Seems to happen only to people with authenticator. Usually means you have weirdly linked accounts. Make sure you use the right SE ID and that your POL ID is saved properly. POL 5426: Most of the time it means a maintenance is going on. Check the FFXI site for any related news. LM-11 or LM-17: Either a temporary 3 days ban or a permanent ban. In…

Where can I find the DPS Spreadsheets?

Official thread: DPS Spreadsheets Direct Link to Google docs shared folder.

What is Delve?

Event Details: BGWiki's Delve Page Rewards: BGWiki Delve Rewards

How do I calculate Store TP?

Manually: BGWiki's Store TP Page Automatically: FFXI Calculator Program

How do I calculate cure value?

Manually: BGWiki's Cure Page Automatically: FFXI Calculator Program

How do I get to Adoulin?

Complete the quest The Geomagnetron and speak to the Waypoint at (H-7).

How to use Light Luggage?

Light Luggage Indeed.

How do I proc in Dynamis?

BGWiki's Dynamis Proc page

What's Abyssea?

Event Details: BGWiki Category Page Abyssea Guide written by Byrthnoth: Guide

What's the new content in Seekers of Adoulin?

As of the May 2013 update: 1. Colonization Reives: The new campaign, but these battles actually impede territory paths. 2. Wildskeeper Reives: HNM battles that multiple players (Over 18 members) can join. Requires a key item though. 3. Skirmishes: Party members must complete objectives to obtain treasure. Players must first gather Simulacrum Segments first. 4. Delve: An alliance of players must either defeat single Notorious Monsters spawned with pop items or embark within fracture. Alliances that…

What are waypoints?

See: BGWiki's Proto-Waypoint page

How do I get started with Seekers of Adoulin?

Arriving at Adoulin 1. First, go to Lower Jeuno and complete the mission The Geomagnetron. You may find Darcia within the building across the AH. After completing this mission, locate the waypoint at H-7 (A blue teleport device) and teleport to Adoulin. 2. After the cutscene, your character will arrive at Ceizak Battlegrounds at roughly I-8. To reach Adoulin, run east and stick to the left. 3. Eventually, you'll arrive at a nearby Frontier Station. Frontier Stations are fenced tents occupied by…