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BG FAQs (66)


When is the release date of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn?

August 27th 2013 according to the Letter from the Producer XLVI. Heavensward is already released as of October 2015 for PS3, PS4, Windows, and technically Mac. Microsoft is not going to let it be on Xbone/360, sorry, they want money. The VR version of XIV was a proof of concept, its chance of being ported is next to none. There will likely not be a DX12 version of XIV, the DX11 version is about 10-20% faster if you have a strong card, on a weaker card, use DX9.

Is there an official bluegartr.com Linkshell/Guild/etc for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

The offical BG Linkshell and Free Company are on Gilgamesh for retail release, it is a casual shell and won't be hardcore. Don't ask to join if you want to be mean. Message Sonomaa Kihten if youd like to join, entrance is free. Currently we have 2 endgame groups (not hardcore) and one puggish style hardcore group. If you are trying to join the Excalibur BlueGarter FC and you join the Gilgamesh one on accident youve already failed the paying attention portion of the application.

What are good scores for the FFXIV: ARR Benchmark?

Benchmark download. You can compare your epeen in the official thread: FFXIV: ARR Benchmark (Beta) Scores Compiled results in Google Docs: Blue Gartr FFXIV: ARR Benchmark Scores

Can I play FFXIV on a Mac?

It is possible to play FFXIV 1.0 on a Mac with Wine. The same should be expected with ARR. How-To: Run FFXIV on Mac OSX There is a mac version but for all intents and purposes, its a waste of time as of October 2015.

What are FFXIV keyboard shortcuts?

Basic Run/Walk: NumPad / Autorun: Mouse 3 or R Draw Weapon: Z Targetting Cycle through enemies (near > far): Tab Cycle through enemies (far > near): Shift-Tab Target your target's target: T Target the enemy attacking you: Shift-T Target Nearest Enemy: F11 Target Nearest NPC: F12 Face Target: F Menus Character = C Intentory = I Armoury Chest = Ctrl-I Maps = M Actions & Traits = P Social Lists = O Free Company = ; Linkshells = L Timers = Ctrl-U Journal = J Crafting Log = N Gathering Log = B Hunting…

How do I make the chat box bigger on PS3?

1. Press the Start button 2. Press L1+R3 to activate Mouse Mode 3. Hover the mouse over the top right corner of the chat log 4. Press and hold L2 and drag it to how you want it

How do I move the chat window?

Click and hold on 'General' and drag the log from there.

How do I make the targeting better?

Controller settings -> filters -> filter customization. It will allow you to map different targeting schemes. Alternatively, you can macro different target schemes. For instance, /battletarget (Or /bt) to attack red mobs.

What character attributes do?

THIS IS 2.0 INFORMATION AND MOSTLY STILL VALID FOR 3.0 BUT THERE WILL BE UPDATES. Strength: Increases melee attack power and the percentage of damage mitigated by block and parry. Dexterity: Increases ranged attack power and the chance of blocking or parrying an attack. Vitality: Increases maximum HP. Intelligence: Increases attack magic potency. Mind: Increases healing magic potency. Piety: Increases maximum MP. It is suggested to allocate your attribute points like this: Gladiator / Paladin: VIT…

Where can I get orange juice?

You can buy the orange juice from Coffer and Coffin in Central Thanalan. It is also available from these 3 NPCs: Katherine in Ul'dah, Gerulf in Limsa Lominsa and Sasamero in Gridania.

I can't find any more quests, how do I level up more classes or jobs?

Quests are primarily to level at least one Class -> Job throughout the entire story experience. You may be able to squeeze more in, but you won't be able to rely on them. Keep in mind that the game is set up such that classes that are below your highest level class will be able to get experience more readily in order to catch up to the highest class. Experience can be received through a number of methods: 1. Grinding Monsters - The old fashioned way, this is the least effective. 2. Hunting Logs…

How do I unlock Bard, Summoner, Scholar, Dragoon, Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, Warrior, Paladin?

To unlock a job, there are a few pre-requisites: 1. The "main job" must be level 30 2. The "sub job" must be level 15 3. All main job quests must be completed If these three conditions have been met, a new quest will open up. This quest will unlock the Job. Level Conditions: Bard = 30 Archer, 15 Pugilist Summoner = 30 Arcanist, 15 Thaumaturge Scholar = 30 Arcanist, 15 Conjurer Dragoon = 30 Lancer, 15 Marauder Black Mage = 30 Thaumaturge, 15 Archer White Mage = 30 Conjurer, 15 Arcanist Monk = 30…

How do I unlock every dungeon?

A Realm Reborn 2.x Light Party (4 Players) Sastasha - Western La Noscea (15) Unlock Condition: Main Story Tam Tara Deepcroft - Central Shroud (16) Unlock Condition: Main Story Copperbell Mines - Western Thanalan (17) Unlock Condition: Main Story Halatali - Eastern Thanalan (20) Unlock Condition: Talk to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak - South Shroud (24) Unlock Condition: Main Story Haukke Manor - Central Shroud (28) Unlock Condition: Main Story Brayflox Longstop -…

How do I call a GM?

A GM can be called via the Support Desk. You can access the support desk by either: Using the command /supportdesk Choosing "Support Desk" from the system menu Once in the support desk menu, click the "Contact Us" tab and pick one of the options.

How do I get a Chocobo?

The quest to unlock mounts is unlocked through the main story line after joining a Grand Company. Once you are able to obtain Grand Company seals, you will be able to purchase a Chocobo Issuance for 2,000 seals from the Quartermaster. After obtaining the quest offered in the vicinity of your grand company, trade this to the the Chocobokeep in your Grand Company's city to unlock mounts and obtain the chocobo whistle.

How do I get a chocobo and use it in my party?

At level 20ish, when you finish the story quests and finally pick a grand company, you then earn 2k grand company points via fates or whatever method you like and buy a chocobo pass you can then ride a chocobo as well as any mounts you get via CE or story (and at any level. At level 30 there is a quest in camp tranquil which allows you to do a short quest and get your chocobo buddy in your party.

How do I change classes/jobs?

You change classes by changing weapons after you have reached level 10 and unlocked the class by going to the guild and completing its quick turn in quest. You unlock jobs at level 30 and activate them by putting the job token in the special slot when you are on the corresponding class.

What items can I buy from the Guild Suppliers?

Alchemist (ALC) - Ul'dah Maple Log - 2 gilAsh Log - 12 gilMaple Lumber - 9 gilAsh Lumber - 43 gilMaple Branch - 6 gilCopper Sand - 6 gilIron Sand - 18 gilHempen Yarn - 3 gilCotton Yarn - 22 gilAnimal Skin - 4 gilLeather - 8 gilHard Leather - 31 gilBone Chip - 5 gilBat Fang - 25 gilRock Salt - 3 gilCinnabar - 3 gilBeehive Chip - 5 gilGrass Viper - 7 gilLatex - 7 gilBeastkin Blood - 7 gilYellow Ginseng - 8 gilTinolqa Mistletoe - 8 gilRed Landtrap Leaf - 14 gilMuddy Water - 14 gilViscous Secretions…

How do I change the size of the UI?

In the HUD-layout mode select any part of the UI then hit Ctrl + Home or R3 on a gamepad. It'll switch them between small, medium (default) and large.

Garuda Extreme Mode

Access 1. Complete the quest "Primal Nature" (Western Thanalan (X:11, Y:13), Urianger) 2. Initiate and complete the quest "Gale-force Warning" (New Gridania (X:9, Y:11), Vorsaile Heuloix) Phase 1 Skill Set 1. Vortex 2. AoE Feather attack 3. Mistral 4. Plume summons Behavior and Patterns Vortex around edge of the arena. AoE feather attack from her initial position. Mistral from the same position (Short recast; must LoS before this move occurs). Summon plumes and feathers. Phase 2 Skill Set 1. Chirada…

Ultima Extreme Mode

Access 1. Complete the quest "The Ultimate Weapon." (Main Storyline Quest) 2. Initiate the quest "The Ultimate Ballad" (Mor Dhona within the new structure (X:22, Y:8), Alys) Phase 1: Engage the enemy Skill Set 1. Vicious Aetheroplasm: Roughly 900 damage. Additional effect: Vicious Aetheroplasm stacks        Vicious Aetheroplasm: Five stacks = KO        Mitigation: Make Ultima use Vicious Aetheroplasm against a different PT member 2. Vulcan Buster: AoE damage centered around Ultima. Additional…

How do I obtain new mounts?

Ahriman - 90 days paid subscription veteran reward. Receive via moogle mail ingame. Behemoth - 270 days paid subscription veteran reward. Receive via moogle mail ingame. Cavalry Drake - Reach Trusted (4) rank with Amalj'aa tribe and purchase for 120,000 gil from Amalj'aa vendor ( X: 23 Y: 14 ) at Southern Thanalan. Company Chocobo - See the How do I get a chocobo FAQ. Coeurl - Have a Collector's Edition tied to your SE account. Receive via moogle mail ingame. Gilded Magitek Armor - Earn 500 commendations…

Where do I FATE?

Recommended based on popularity at the time of writing. Level 1-8: Whichever zone you're doing your Rank 1 hunting log in. Level 9-20: Western La Noscea between Swiftperch and Aleport. Level 18-30: South Shroud, close to Quarrymill. Level 28-34: Eastern La Noscea, Bloodshore. Level 33-42: Coerthas Central Highlands. Level 40-50: Northern Thanalan.

Where do I find Teleport Aetheryte?

Presented in order of the ingame Teleport menu. [Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks] Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks x:9 y:11 [Middle La Noscea] Summerford Farms x:26 y:16 [Lower La Noscea] Moraby Drydocks x:24 y:35 [Eastern La Noscea] Costa Del Sol x:31 y:30 [Eastern La Noscea] Wineport x:21 y:21 [Western La Noscea] Swiftperch x:34 y:31 [Western La Noscea] Aleport x:26 y:25 [Upper La Noscea] Camp Bronze Lake x:30 y:23 [Outer La Noscea] Camp Overlook x:19 y:17 [Wolves' Den Pier] Wolves' Den Pier x:6 y:5 [New Gridania]…

Where can I find all the FFXIV release notes?

Patch 2.1 Notes (12/14/2013) Patch 2.15 Notes (01/20/2014) Patch 2.16 Notes (02/19/2014) Patch 2.2 Notes (Full Release) (03/26/2014) Patch 2.21 Notes (04/09/2014) Patch 2.25 Notes (04/24/2014) Patch 2.28 Notes (06/05/2014) Patch 2.3 Notes (Full Release) (07/08/2014) Patch 2.35 Notes (08/19/2014) Patch 2.38 Notes (09/16/2014) Patch 2.4 Notes (Full Release) (10/28/2014) Patch 2.41 Notes (11/18/2014) Patch 2.45 Notes (12/09/2014) Patch 2.5 Notes (1/20/2015) Patch 2.51 Notes (2/24/2015)

Where do I get all the FATE Atmas?

Central Shroud - Atma of the Maiden Southern Thanalan - Atma of the Scorpion Upper La Noscea - Atma of the Water Bearer East Shroud - Atma of the Goat Eastern Thanalan - Atma of the Bull Middle La Noscea - Atma of the Ram Western Thanalan - Atma of the Twins Outer La Noscea - Atma of the Lion Lower La Noscea - Atma of the Fish North Shroud - Atma of the Archer Central Thanalan - Atma of the Scales Western La Noscea - Atma of the Crab Note that Atmas will be added to your inventory as you get them.

How do I get started with Retainer Ventures?

How to Unlock An Ill-conceived Venture (Limsa Lominsa) Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X9,Y11).An Ill-conceived Venture (Gridania) New Gridania (X11,Y12).An Ill-conceived Venture (Ul'dah) Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X9,Y10). Classes To perform ventures, your retainer must first be assigned a class. Any class works, but you must have the appropriate main hand to equip onto the retainer. You can buy the proper weathered mainhand from that class' main city ( i.e. Gridania for polearms ). Classes that you yourself…